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   New DX & Antenna page by OH5XL & OH3LX


Antenna & DX pages are some way connected to business always, sometime so that we can not see connection.

This connection you can see in logo and in site address.


DX corner:

Your editor has been  very busy and some bad luck to get new DX antenna ready fast enough. 


Good friend of mine has told me of nice DX on 160m. I wish to be on the air soon.

 A bit motivation problem, but mostly busy work.


Antenna corner:


27.3m GP upper end cane down 2 times because of ice and snow as well high wind.

Then I used carbon tube inside AlSi1MgT6 tube and it was strong enoug. 3rd time was, that I had to take whip down when one

guy wire was broken in storm. 500Kg was not strong enouh on mounting point. Syorm was on scale in past 15 years number 2.

I think I know the fault now.


New 15m GP with three U.S: made coil is soon in test and it is not risk that way as 27.3 m GP with C-cap I made.


Also new superbeam for 40-30-20m plus 2 ele for 80m is on design board now.


I do plan Festifal DX beam for Elstar to cover bands 19,12,15,17,29m.  Very special design and gain is something like

on 6 over 6 yagi on most of those 5 band. Weight is surely below 40Kg + boom. Mght be  some 66 Kg.  Boom is  13 - 14 m.

Elements are 8-corner loops. No fiber or kevlasrmore than some pieces.


The problem is time, which is very limited.


On this page ( was before DX-today ),  I have illustrated my own antenna design as 3 ele half sloper  3500 – 3800 on

SWR  1:1.2 – 1:1.8 over the band and up to 17 – 18 dB F/B.

Low radiation makes effect, that this antenna is good for DX:ing, but not good for national QSOs.

At least it is best reception or receiving antenna I have used.

Antenna has 3 90deg. phase line, which makes Q-transformer function too.  Mutual Z abt. 33 ohm has got this

way to 55 ohm about.  



Do you have any experience of ferrite or magnetic loops, which has been phased using 2 or 3 element ?

I would be happy to publish your antenna story on this page. Please email.



Now I have created new design for simple 4-SQ.  This is priced to get money back and no profit.

If you are interested to use this first level product after next year summer, please contact.

Antenna program gives  over 6.5 dBi and better than 25 dB F/B ratio.

Antennipuolella voimakasta kehitystyötä. Nollasarjaan mukaan lähtevät voivat saada edullisesti neljän

suunnan myrskyn kestävät antennit nyt järkihintaan.

Special 4SQ 4way antenna  7    MHz        * 795,-

Special 4SQ 4way antenna  3.7 MHz     *   1490,-

Special 4SQ 4way antenna  1,8 MHz     *   2280,-

First  people , who makes order before Jan 15.2006 / Delivery Sep. 2006 will get – 20% discount. !

Packets are 6m long. Control Kit has wireless receiver kit and relays & boxes.  Control using  hand held.

Feed cable to center of system is not included in the price, but will be priced very relevant.